Witcher 2 australia censor fix

Here’s the link to the forum post on gog.com, with a link to files that uncensor the Australian/New Zealand version of the witcher 2.

Australian users click here: Un-Edit Patch

My collectors edition arrived, i can verify that these files work. So what exactly was censored?

For both quests, the dialog options still remain, but the risky scene is removed from the game.

Should you choose the Ivoreth path, and not go after loredo as you’re sailing off, there’s an option should you choose to go out of your way to find a particular npc, to get a sexy thankyou. The dialog option is still there, but the visual scene itself is cut, and you get automatically given the quest reward rather than finding it in a box.

On the succubus quest. There’s also an option for a risky reward at the end of that, which in the Australian version get’s cut after you choose the option. Aside from that all the same otherwise.

So if you weren’t aware of the issue and looking out for it, the risky rewards are effectively censored.

What really doesn’t make sense is why the censor boards would have wanted this change.. the “nudity” and “sexual scenes” rating on the front is quite justified.. you’d think that would offend the nannies more than a couple of quest options..

As political as it may be right now in Aus, suspecting this lame censoring was to keep 2 interests happy (some crazy christian party, vs’ the entire australian youth), closer to a federal election, considering it has a non majority government. The real issue here is the lack of a M18+ rating for video games, as the Witcher 2 quite firmly an 18+ game. And was rated so everywhere else…

Thanks to that person for the fix.